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Colbert Presbyterian Church

4211 E. Colbert Rd.
Colbert, WA 99005

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Offering counting is an easy and quick way to provide an important service to our congregation. If you volunteer to be an offering counter, you can sign up for one or more services a month, or serve as a substitute for regularly scheduled counters.

After each service, we have two people count the offering, record the results on the CPC Sunday Service Offering Tally Sheet, and deposit the offering and tally sheet in the church’s safe.

New offering counters will be paired with an experienced counter to show them how to find supplies, do the count, and how to deposit the offering in the church’s safe, so don’t be intimidated by the steps below. You’ll always have someone to help you.

  1. After the service, the offering counters pick up the offering plates from the altar. There will probably be some cash, coins, and checks.
  2. Gather the offering counter supplies from the upper left hand drawer of the desk in the library and take the offering plates and the supplies to the church office (where you will do the offering counting):
    • Adding machine,
    • A manila envelope, and
    • CPC Sunday Service Offering Tally Sheet
  3. Separate the cash and coins from the checks. Carefully review the memo section of the checks to see how each offering is designated. For example, an offering could be for general fund (regular offerings), Per Capita, New Hope, or other specific missions and each needs to be recorded separately in the tally sheet.
  4. Check in the kitchen to see if there is any donut money, which should be included in the tally sheet.
  5. One counter should count the cash and coins and the other counter should count the checks. Use the adding machine in the library to print a tape of the separate categories. The offering counters should double check each other’s work to make sure there are no errors.
  6. Fill out the tally sheet putting the current date, marking which service is being accounted for, recording amounts for
    • offering checks,
    • special offerings,
    • cash and coins,
    • donut money, and
    • the grand total.
  7. Scotch tape the adding machine tape to the tally sheet and both offering counters sign the sheet at the bottom.
  8. Make a photo copy of the tally sheet, then place the original tally sheet and the offering in a large manila envelope.
  9. Place the manila envelope in the church’s safe and the tally sheet copy in the Treasurer’s (Carolyn Lineback) mailbox next to Peggy Scott’s office.
  10. That’s it! It should only take about 10 minutes and you’ve provided a great service to the church. Thank you!

    Chuck Vokoun
    Elder, Stewardship and Finance
    (church office (509)468-9923)

For more information please contact Chuck Vokoun
(church office (509)468-9923).