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Colbert Presbyterian Church

4211 E. Colbert Rd.
Colbert, WA 99005

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At service on Sunday mornings 9:30am you can expect to find a warm welcome, worship in the Reformed tradition with a blend of traditional liturgy and hymns, and new expressions of music and a fresh proclamation of God’s Word. A small ensemble of talented musicians leads music with an emphasis on congregational singing. A recent survey that we participated in, conducted by U.S. Congregational Life, revealed that most people typically experience a sense of God’s presence (84%), Inspiration (79%), and Joy (76%) in worship.

The people you sit with will represent a rich diversity of backgrounds, convictions and perspectives, along with a commitment to meaningful interpersonal relationships which transcend those differences. Roughly one-third of our folks come from a Presbyterian background; the rest cover much of the spectrum of Christendom. Similarly, the dress code is quite diverse: some people like to come in their “Sunday best,” whereas most folks dress casually, oftentimes prepared for various outdoor adventures following worship.

We think children have a special place in the Kingdom of God, and so they have a special place among us. We have a high threshold of tolerance for “kid noise” and are often blessed when they have a role in helping to lead us in worship. Still, a 20-minute sermon is difficult for some kids to sit through, and so we offer an optional Children’s Activity Time (CAT) for those ages 3-Kindergarten during a portion of the service.

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