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The only way to build love between two people or two groups of
people is to be so related to each other as to stand in need of each
other. The Christian community must serve. It must also be in a
position where it needs to be served…. ~Kenneth Bailey


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South Africa Partnership


The following is from The Colbert Presbyterian Vine February Newsletter with permission from Leesa Birdsall

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The South Africa Task Force met this past month and reflected together on the gift of our amazing ten-year partnership with St. Andrew's Presbyterian in Mthatha, South Africa. As so many of you have attested, this partnership has impacted innumerable lives in our community over the years. And the SATF is committed to maintaining this important relationship between our two missionally-focused worshiping church bodies.
      A recent letter from St. Andrew's pastor, Errol Theophilus, expressed St. Andrew's commit­ment to this partnership, along with their ongoing prayers for our community. As always, he reflected gratitude for the way our congregations have mutually blessed one another. What a joy it is to participate in this ongoing relationship! I believe through it we are reflecting the Kingdom of Heaven by demonstrating mutual love and cooperation as the body of Christ on a global scale.
     On that note, the SATF discussed the impact of this partnership on individuals in our midst as it has increased our awareness of cultural and global issues. We have discovered that often there is a stirring in peoples' hearts to participate more fully in this relationship, especially when we are in seasons of sending and receiving delegations. Therefore we would like to make an in­vitation to you to participate in the South Africa Task Force: 1) If you have felt the Holy Spirit stirring you toward a greater global and cultural understanding, perhaps through this relationship; 2) If you would like to learn more about the partnership; and 3) If you desire to become part of the team that dreams and makes decisions with St. Andrew's regarding this partnership. Even if you are not sure about a long term commitment, or what this stirring on your heart is, we would love to have you with us.
     Additionally, if you are interested in being part of a Colbert Presbyterian delegation to St. Andrew's sometime in September or October of this year, we would be interested in hearing from you. Specific details will be available soon and the application process begins next month.
     As we continue to listen and discern the movement of the Spirit in this partnership we will do our best to keep you informed about opportunities for involvement. Thank you for your lov­ing support and continued prayers for this important ministry. If you are interested in taking part please feel free to contact me (Church: 468-9923; Cell: 863-2218; Email:

Grace and peace,
Leesa Birdsall






South Africa Task Force Members:

Leesa Birdsall (chair)

Loren Birdsall

Mary Borgman

Brad and Kathy Beal

Amy Johnson-Colwell

David and Jan Hicks

Paul Lineback

Chuck and Sherry Vokoun