Missions - Personal Energy Transportation (P.E.T.)

Colbert Presbyterian Church

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Colbert, WA 99005

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Inland Northwest P.E.T. is one of about 26 facilities that is currently building low-tech, low maintenance personal energy transportation units and shipping them to approx 95 countries for individuals who have lost their lower limbs to land mines or other injuries or diseases.

The 1000th PET built by PET WA-Inland NW

The 1000th PET built by the Inland Northwest P.E.T. Project

Millions of people in developing countries have lost the use of their legs from birth defects, disease, war, land mines, etc. Quduriape is a six year old girl crippled by polio. Her Grandpa carried her to a Honduras PET distribution in March 2010 where she received a PET and now no longer has to be carried everywhere. The PET is a Gift of Mobility and changes both Quduriape’s and her Grandpa’s lives.

Quduriape and her Grandpa

Quduriape and her Grandpa

Quduriape with her new PET

Quduriape with her new P.E.T.

For more information about P.E.T., contact Dave Rasor
 466-2924 or visit the
P.E.T. website