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Christmas Chandler family photo from Tahrir Square

Islamic and Christian cultural and theological chasms are being bridged daily in Cairo, Egypt by the Rev. Canon and Mrs. Paul-Gordon Chandler who are partially supported by mission gifts from Colbert Presbyterian Church.

Paul-Gordon is pastor of St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church, Maadi, a suburban frontier mission parish where his wife Lynne is music director. Their son Treston will graduate from Cairo's International High School this spring--daughter Britelle is a junior at the University of Tulsa, OK. Both Paul and Lynne were born in Africa of missionary parents.

One of St. John's key ministries is the Abraham Forum, an interfaith initiative whose primary goal is facilitating better understanding and contributing to increased peaceful co-existence between the Middle East and the West, and Christians and Muslims. Past lecturers have included Ben Wedeman, CNN senior correspondent; Anne LaMott, novelist; Dr. Philip Yancey, theologian; and the former Archbishop of Canterbury, England. St. John's facilities are used by at least five other ethnic religious groups and churches.

Another of the congregation's primary outreach efforts is The Caravan Festival of the Arts, bringing together creators of visual, textile, music, prose & poetry, and film arts to enhance understanding, respect and deeper friendships among different cultures and creeds. This year's theme focused on The Road Ahead. Previous artists have included Reda Abdel Rahman, Egyptian painter; Ingrid Richter, German violinist; and actor Omar Shariff.

Our mission investment in the troubled Middle East is reaping huge, unheralded returns through the Chandlers. (While awaiting confirmation of details to return to north Africa, the Chandlers worshipped with CPC in its early years while meeting at Mt. Spokane High School--at that time Paul-Gordon was CEO of Partners International, a non-denominational mission agency recently moved from San Jose, CA to Spokane.)

For further information peruse the Chandler's newsletter, "Life On The Nile" via email:



For further information peruse the Chandler's newsletter, "Life On The Nile" via email: