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Welcome to Colbert Presbyterian Church Co-Op Preschool! We take great joy in the privilege of coming alongside preschoolers as they learn, as well as in communicating God’s deep love for children.

Colbert’s Co-Op Preschool is a play-based environment with an emphasis on learning through play and exploration in the arts, science, and nature. We delight in helping preschoolers develop and learn, engaging their intuitive sense of wonder and natural areas of interest as we discover our world together.  Additionally, it is our desire that each child knows he or she is wonderfully made by God and deeply loved. Finally, we hope to be a supportive presence for parents and families as our preschoolers learn, grow, and have fun together. Please feel free to peruse our preschool philosophy, general information, and basic daily schedule for more information.

Enrollment is currently open, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions that you might have.  We would love for you to join us.

God bless, 
Rev. Brenna Stanfield
Colbert Co-Op Director


Colbert Presbyterian Cooperative
 Preschool Philosophy

Colbert Presbyterian Cooperative Preschool is a 3 day a week, play-based, parent cooperative preschool. Our mission is to provide opportunities for preschoolers to learn and grow as children of God. We hope to encourage preschoolers in their love of learning, growing independence, ability to work with others, and experiences of joy in the world around them. We also hope to equip parents with helpful educational tools and faith resources that can be implemented both in the home and in the classroom.

Play-based education encourages children to hold onto their instinctive sense of wonder as they explore the environment and world around them. Children naturally engage in play as a means of learning, allowing a wide range of activities to be a learning opportunities.  Reinforced through positive experiences, play and exploration will help develop a passion for learning. Our goal as parent-teachers is to provide a safe, nurturing environment with developmentally appropriate activities and opportunities for children to creatively explore and learn.

Our preschool day includes free choice play, circle time, snack time, outside playtime, and learning stations that focus on letters and numbers, exploration through art and science and nature, and our weekly Bible stories and songs. Some general educational goals (which will vary by child) include letter recognition and letter sounds, rhyming, number symbols and counting, and color and shape recognition.

We also strive for our preschoolers learn to interact with God’s creation in a way that will honor God. Through soft skills and personal interaction, we hope to teach them how to be generous, take risks, be kind, be flexible, to rebound after difficulties, to follow directions, and to build friendships.
We believe preschool should be a time to learn by exploring the world through multiple mediums. While we actively strive to teach in preparation for kindergarten, we focus on teaching through play vs. a traditional academic structure. 


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