Adult Ministry Team

Colbert Presbyterian Church

4211 E. Colbert Rd.
Colbert, WA 99005

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In a nutshell the mission of the Adult Ministry Team is to promote activities that will equip people in our congregation to the work that God has ordained for them to do. We promote educational activities, Bible Studies, and small group activities for the adults in our community.

Adult Ministry Team is chaired by Elder Robert Benedetto. Team members are Berge Borrevik, Jim and Amy Colwell, Terry and Barbara Ratcliff, Chuck and Sherry Vokoun. We meet once a month during the school year to plan for Sunday Morning Adult Education offerings, mid-week Bible studies, and small group gatherings. We would love your input please contact Robert Benedetto if you’d like to be part of this on-going conversation.

Step one - making a space
Step One - Making a Space
Step two - Upward
Step Two - Upward
Step three - Outward
Step Three - Outward
the Clay Finds its Purpose
The Clay Finds its Purpose
Theology from Mud
Theology from Mud

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For more information, please contact Robert Benedetto

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