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Keeping Yourself Safe In A Hi-Tech World

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When talking with flock members we have heard a need for more information about staying safe with technology. As your deacons, we have come together to write a series which we will feature in The Vine with additional information available online or in the narthex by the Care Giving Ministries bulletin board. Some of the topics that we will be focusing on include: phone scams, passwords, and sharing your information online.

August's topic is, Phishing Attacks

Phishing is an attempt to steal your personal information including passwords and credit card numbers. Phishing occurs when an attacker appears to be a trusted entity and tricks a victim into opening an email or text message or creates a link that is clicked on.
They will go to great lengths designing the phishing messages to appear to be an actual email from a legitimate organization using the same phrasing, fonts, and logos to make the message appear legitimate. When opening these emails or clicking on the link, it gives them access into your computer or device which can steal your sensitive password information including credit card numbers and banking information.

How to Prevent Phishing?

For users, vigilance is key. Question all emails you receive before opening. You should stop and think about why you are receiving that email. You may choose not to open that email or text message, or delete it completely, if it seems suspicious to you.

If you are concerned that it might be a legitimate message, you could contact the person or company yourself using a phone number or an email address you know is correct (one that was not included in the suspicious message).


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